Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photoshop basic training

In order to assist a few of our participants in the basic adjustments of your digital photo files, I have reserved St. Andrew's Church multimedia system for  Wednesday and Friday, April 3 and 5 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. This will be hands-on BASIC digital workflow instruction. Boot camp in Picton, Ontario!

I will demonstrate how I edit my photos from my laptop projected on the big screen, then we will connect your laptop and everyone will watch me instruct you doing it. Or if you don't have a laptop or don't have any photo editing software, you can take your turn using mine.

Please let me know if you are coming and what system you have, e.g. Windows or Mac, Photoshop (full version or Elements), Adobe Lightroom or Apple's Aperture, Windows product, free downloads of GIMP or Picasa or other online editors like Pixlr.

Bring your images so we can do an edit of good ones and bad ones. If you don't have them on your computer, bring them on a USB thumb drive or external hard drive which, hopefully, will be compatible with my Macbook or someone's Windows PC.

As I have mentioned on many occasions: I believe post-processing is half of making good photos so let's take your raw camera files and make them even better.....even GREAT.

This is where you can refine your exposure and composition, enhance contrast and colours, even sharpness to some extent. Lasso and lighten the shadow areas, darken your over-exposed skies. Zoom in to magnify the key subject. And learn a few of the many many tools available--crop, cloning tool, magic wand, text tool, gradient, curves and levels, etc.

We will also review how to resize image files for web and email, and what resolution is needed for prints and publication.

If you are new to digital photography I highly recommend signing up for at least one of these evenings $10 as usual, or $15 for both.
(613) 476-1167

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